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Want quickly delivered, quality website design/development and graphics design work done? Look no further! Learn more about us and get to know our mission and passion.

We’re a design and development company based in the UK. Deluxe Development is a trading name of Hytex Holdings Limited, the legal entity behind many successful businesses.

Our mission and passion is to provide our beloved customers with quickly delivered, quality work, at hard to beat, compeitive rates. We aim to change the industry in a positive way and to help each and every customer individually.

Deluxe Development currently provides website design and development, various theme design and development, along with various graphics design services. We can also provide you services like content writing at hard to beat, competitive rates!

We believe we are different for the better. We are flexible and we listen to each individual customer. Instead of focusing on the quantity, we focus on the quality. Our company strives to make each customer feel like they are valued and that their project is being crafted with love and care. If any issues ever arise, we try our best to come to a solution with the customer. We do not try to defend ourselves, we try to make it right for the customer.

Take a look at our per-order work flow below.


Client's Requirements

As our first step, we determine the client’s requirements. This includes things like the number of website pages required and all the features that are necessary, for example.


The Planning Stage

We take the client’s requirements and we start planning on how we can complete the project in the best and most efficient way possible, meeting all requirements one by one.


Bespoke Design

We start designing the customer’s website. We usually create website draft designs using computer software and sometimes on paper. We ensure that our design idea will be practical and attractive.


Quick Development

We start the development of the website. We start by creating the base structure and layout of the website and we add each feature one my one as per the client’s requirements.


Unlimited Revisions

At this stage, we would ask the customer for their feedback on the current state of the website and any other jobs completed for them. We take this feedback on board and implement it.


Final Delivery & Support

We polish up the products and hand the final project files to the customer and ask them for an honest review and feedback of our overall service quality to ensure that they are happy with us.

How Are We So

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how are you so affordable?’. Our answer is that we keep our costs down by running entirely as an online business – we do not have any offices and we do not have a phone line. By keeping our costs down, we can afford to offer our customers the best rates possible for web design, development and graphic design. We are able to offer better rates to our customers without cutting any corners in terms of the quality of service provided.

Meet some of our friendly and professional team members. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

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Edgar L. | 19


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Corey W. | 20


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Jacob H. | 24


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Sam H. | 18


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Danny W. | 19


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Chloe G. | 22


We currently accept PayPal, Bank Transfers and card payments. We can also accept payments via TransferWise.

You can either e-mail us at support@deluxedev.co or call us at +448004480199. You may also contact us via live chat when it is available.

Yep, we certainly do! Unlike some other competitors, we exceptionally value our customers and as a result, we choose to provide high-quality after sale support. This means that even after your project is finished, you can still ask us questions and get support from our company!

We sure do! If you have any special requests or need more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. On average, we accept 90% of custom order requests. We can fulfil most requests. We have lots of experience with both, front end and back end programming languages. Similarly, we can satisfy most graphics design job requests.

We are highly experienced with lots of different programming languages. These include, but are not limited to: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, C#, Python and Visual Basics! For more information, please contact us.

Yep, we do! Unlike some of our competitors, we want to make sure our customers are completely happy. If there’s something we have not done as promised or you are not satisfied, we will make it right for you! We will offer you a refund as a last resort if we can’t get it sorted.

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