4 Reasons to Go for a Customised Website for Your Business – What to Know

Website design inevitably affects your search engine ranking. If your website is difficult to navigate, users will easily get frustrated with it and click on another website instead. If you are not well-versed in design or are not satisfied with your current templates, you can work with experts to get a bespoke web design.

Bespoke solutions are for people who have a specific vision for their website. If you are thinking of getting a bespoke website, then this article is for you. Below, we have listed four reasons a customised website performs better than template websites.

1. It is optimised for search engines

Websites that are designed with SEO in mind can be found easily by search engines. Some bespoke websites are hosted on modern content management systems, such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, which have varying degrees of customisation options. Bespoke designers also structure clients’ information in a way that makes sense for the brand.

Template websites offer some strategies for SEO, but dedicated designers can organise your website even further. For example, your link structure dictates the strength of your pages. As such, a web development agency can help you identify which pages you need to rank most, and put this higher so that it appears more in search engines.

2. It is up-to-date and loads quicker

Keep in mind that page speed also affects how people perceive your website because a single second of a delay in load time leads to dissatisfied users and fewer page views. Bespoke designers know how to make your pages load better, and provide people with better user experience. They use various tools, such as adaptive and optimised images, to combine files and compress content to keep web site load times short.

Designers can also perform page speed audits on your space and make necessary recommendations. Pre-built websites are usually loaded with features, some of which are not vital to your needs. With the help of web design services, they can help you declutter your site and get to audiences faster.

3. It has room for expansion

When your business expands, you will need to make changes to your website as well. As you add a service, for example, or start serving a new area, you have to include relevant information about these changes on your website. Working with a bespoke site designer means that you won’t have to worry about the technicalities of expanding your website.

A bespoke approach lets you integrate CRM, payment methods, and other functions that you need for a growing online business. Templates can be a struggle to work with since third-party plugins can slow your website’s performance down.

4. It is responsive and ready for troubleshooting

A website must be built for mobile and should be responsive to smartphones and tablets. Your designer can plan this out for you and tackle various issues, such as typography, layout, images, and more. If your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will look and perform as well as it does on desktop. This will make the website experience less jarring for repeat visitors.

Maintenance is also easier with a bespoke website. If you use templates, you need to be the one to handle any errors or inconsistencies. A custom-built website means that you have support and maintenance from your web design services to help you troubleshoot any issues that your site might have after they turn it over.


A website made for you is more accessible than template websites. Though it is easier to set up a site from a template, a custom-built one has more room for growth and is easier to update.

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